Our vegan treats are packaged in sustainable, FDA-approved EarthFirst® PLA clear bags that are made from plants and
certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

Sugar Beak Bakery vegan treats are made fresh with no preservatives and are therefore perishable. Please keep them chilled and enjoy within two weeks.

We can deliver to locations in Orange & parts of Los Angeles Counties, CA.
We accept cash, personal check &/or credit card transactions.


We also offer custom orders as well as party trays and assorted dessert samplers for your next social gathering.
Contact us to customize the perfect assortment for your upcoming event!


You can also satisfy your "sugar beak" with our healthy and homemade vegan treats available for purchase throughout LA & OC at:

~ Jan's Health Bar ~ Creme Caramel LA ~ 212 Pier ~ ZucchiniXpress ~ Tasteful Pantry ~ Green Bliss ~
~ Thrive Juice Lab
~ Square Market ~ Good Eggs LA ~ Grub Market ~